What is BookOof?

Bookoof is a site that offers its users the opportunity to manage their daily transactions in order to re-check at any time their spending habits.

What can I record ?

For each account you can record your incomes and outcomes using the "transactions". Keeping records of your purchases you can better realize where and how you're wasting your money. Every transaction is labeled with "tags" to customize your needs and recognize faster where are you spending your money.

Is it safe ?

To register a BookOof account you only required an email address (you can change it at any time) and an password. The rest of the information entered are at the discretion of the user, who may, at any time, modify and delete them.

I forgot my password

If you forgot your password, don't despair, you can request a new password simply by entering your email.

I want to propose ideas and advice.. and how can I become a Beta Tester?

BookOof is in Beta phase. To ensure a stable service, we are slowly inviting an increasing number of users. If you are curious and want to try a preview of the service, write to the contacts page by selecting "Become a Beta Tester".
From this page you can also propose ideas and suggestions.

Francesco Orsi